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 READ: Under Construction

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PostSubject: READ: Under Construction   READ: Under Construction EmptySun May 18, 2008 9:18 am

Welcome to Bela Nombre!

This small little hamlet is a home away from home to its many inhabitants. We welcome guests and tourists, but we are sorry to inform any and all wishing to delve into the secrets of Bela Nombre, that the town is currently undergoing some rennovations. While we invite you to join us and make yourselves at home, we must please ask that you respect our desires to bring you the best opportunities Bela Nombre has to offer, and not interfere with our construction efforts.

Please refrain from posting new topics/posts until the forum is ready for traffic. Any and all inappropriate threads/posts will be deleted immediately. While you are welcome -- no, encouraged! -- to join the site, please do not hinder our efforts in getting this site open as quickly as possible.

The kind citizens of Bela Nombre welcome you again, and we sincerely hope you enjoy your stay.

Oh, and, stay away from the woods, for the time being. There have been some strange reports lately. . . hikers gone missing. . .

Nothing to worry about, I'm sure.
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READ: Under Construction
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