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 Shadow Lanes Cemetery

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Shadow Lanes Cemetery Empty
PostSubject: Shadow Lanes Cemetery   Shadow Lanes Cemetery EmptyMon May 19, 2008 8:03 am

Separate from both Ritzonee Apartments and the hospital lies an iron fence, which protects the souls and graves of those buried in Shadow Lanes.

The cemetery received its name from the two identical lanes that lead up either side of the plots; between the lanes and the wraught iron fence is planted a row of tall, slender trees, the leaves of which unfurl a dark shadow across the lanes most of the time.

The stone markers are places in impeccably straight lines, families grouped together, with matching headstones. Around some of the tombstones are neat little flower arrangements, which are replaced regularly by family members. The cemetery is a place of rememberance and respect, and therefore the caretaker, Mr. McRedty, tries to keep it as tidy and beautiful as possible. Flowers that have blown out of their holders are either replaced or removed, and dilapidated headstones must be repaired promptly. Mr. McRedty's hard work makes Shadow Lanes a place of beauty and peace for those who wish to reminisce and visit loved ones.

Mr. McRedty is an NPC.
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Shadow Lanes Cemetery
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