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 Blair Vanderbilt

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Username: Kristin Chenoweth

Character's Name: Blair Vanderbilt

Character's Age: 17

Year in School: Senior

Appearance: Dark, curly hair; pale skin; slender; large, brown eyes; below average height (around 5"4).

Special Interests (likes, dislikes, etc.): Blair absolutely can not wait to get out of this stuffy little town to go to college. Her dream school is Yale. Because of this, she takes pretty much all of the APs available and a bunch of extracurriculars. Her favorite feeling in the world is a sense of power and control. She enjoys being pretty much the most popular girl at school, and maintains an icy demeanor to hide her insecurities, the biggest ones having to do with her strict mother, Cornelia Vanderbilt. Her mother always criticizes her about her appearance, grades, and pretty much everything else. Also, she's bulimic. When Blair is upset and/or feels like she has eaten something she shouldn't, she throws up. Despite this, she can be nice...when she wants to be. Which admittedly isn't very often. Blair likes to think of herself as a true romantic in the style of her idol, Audrey Hepburn (her favorite movie is Breakfast At Tiffany's). She is always coming up with new material for the movie she is starring in at the moment - the movie that's her life.

Brief Background: Her parents are very rich. Blair has lived here for all of her life, but she wants nothing more than to leave to go to Yale so she can start living the perfect live she has planned out for herself. She has an Irish maid/nanny-type figure named Esther who Blair's family has employed since before Blair was born. She sees Blair more than her own mother does, and sometimes she prefers it that way. When Blair was little, her maid used to tell her stories of magic. She was very intrigued by this, and she started studying witchcraft. It was easy for her to get the resources she needed due to her wealth, and before she entered her teens she became adept at witchcraft. However, this hasn't distracted her from her more 'normal' pursuits. She has been working hard to maintain her social status and to get into Yale. These attempts have been successful, as Blair is very high up on the social ladder at school and she has been accepted to go to Yale, early decision. Recently her family has suffered from severe strain. Her father left her and her mother to move to France with another man. However, her relationship with her father is still good, even if her mother's isn't. The incident has still added to her insecurities, however, because it has made her feel like her father would rather be with his boyfriend than her - and if her own father doesn't love her, who would?

Sample Post (two paragraph minimum):

Blair Vanderbilt

"Oh my God. Can you believe it? There are like mere months until I get to leave this place and go to Yale," Blair said happily, descending her staircase. She was in a particularly good mood, since she had realized that her Yale dreams were not far off...and since she had just been accepted - early decision to boot! "Do you remember when daddy got me my first Yale sweatshirt? I don't think any other piece of clothing has ever fitted me better. And I found that bulldog so adorable, too. Good call on not letting me have one, by the way," she added, and sat down on the couch in front of her coffee table. Blair studied the woman in front of her. "I hope it doesn't make you feel old, watching me grow up."

"Eat up, Miss Blair," Esther told her, shattering her happy haze. She had been pretending Esther was her mother, and the scene just didn't work in her head when it was her maid she was telling these things to, even though Esther was a way better listener than her mother. "Your father would want you to have a good breakfast."

Blair rolled her eyes and grabbed a piece of Danish bread. She noticed how Esther didn't say that her mother would want her to have a good breakfast. Her mother thought she was fat. Her mother probably wouldn't even care that she was probably going to just throw the Danish up later. Her mother just...didn't care.

She pushed the thoughts out of her head. At this rate I'm going to give myself a case of the angry reds, she thought wryly, recalling a line from her favorite movie. Wouldn't it be so Audrey Hepburn-y to go to Tiffany's then, though, even if she didn't have a real case of the angry reds? She could always just pretend. Yes, that would be cool, she decided. Living out a Breakfast At Tiffany's reference was exactly the thing she needed to push all thoughts of her mother out of her head.

Blair stood up abruptly. "Esther," she said dramatically, "I'm going to Tiffany's." She would only do something like that in front of Esther; she was the only person Blair could feel comfortable enough in front of.

"Miss Blair?" Esther said, playing along. They had gone through this routine many times before, and Esther always played her role perfectly, even though she didn't really understand it. She just did it because it seemed to please Blair.

"Esther," she said, quoting Audrey, "let's just get this one thing straight right now." Blair approached the door. "I hate snoops."

AI: Leighton Meester
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Blair Vanderbilt
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