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 Oliver Vandrose

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Username: AvantGarde

Character's Name: Oliver Vandrose

Character's Age: Eternally 17

Year in School: Senior

Appearance: Tall, slender, yet muscular and strong. Wavy, soft bronze hair. Prominent, angular features and pale skin, which carries a hint of warm undertones. Dark blue eyes with a rim of silver around the pitch-black pupil. Long, straight nose, squared jaw and strong chin, but his features are soft to an extent, never overpowering. His eyes are often the first thing noticed about him.

Special Interests (likes, dislikes, etc.): Oliver prefers to keep to himself, usually. He is quiet, and intelligent, and avoids drama and attention. His uncanny beauty attracts attention, however, which he naturally shies away from. He's a pale shadow, moving silently through the halls and through Bela Nombre. His favorite subject is English, and can often be found with an old, tattered copy of some classic, such as Wuthering Heights or The Great Gatsby (which reminds him of his human years in the Roaring Twenties), his personal favorites. He also enjoys Shakespeare, and finding hidden interpretations within the words.

He despises the social ladder of Bela Nombre High School, finding it a petty way to create a mini-monarchy of wealthy students in designer clothes. However, his own wealth and good looks are enough to place him high on the social ladder. He's not near the top, due to his anti-social behavior, but he's high enough to have earned respect from those lower of the scale, which he hates.

Brief Background: Oliver's vampyric history began in 1926 when he was almost killed in a sailing accident. He was rescued from the murky waters, but was in a coma for two years. When it was apparent he would not make a full recovery, the papers were signed to take him off life support. One sympathetic nurse, who had watched over Oliver and tended to ensuring he stayed alive as long as possible, took the initiative. She moved him late one night to a quiet, dark home on the edge of Seattle, where Oliver woke up four days later, alive and stronger than ever.

Since then, Oliver has struggled to overcome his "curse." The idea of killing innocent people so that one monster could live appalled him, and he practiced years of self-restraint. He now hunts only animals that are in excess -- usually deer, or animals that are threatening the town, such as mountain lions or bears.

He lives with one other vampyre, Ross, who is Oliver's best friend and confidante.

Sample Post (two paragraph minimum):

Oliver Vandrose

He slipped his keys into his pocket before stepping out the front door, his senses instantly perking up once he reached the chill gray air. He could smell the piney, woodsy scent of the woods from here, beckoning him. Just beyond that, much fainter, was the briney, salty scent of the sea. But that wasn't his target, and he pushed both scents to the back of his mind.

"Keep an eyes out," Ross called from the front room, his voice low and deep. "Heard something about wolves in Bio today."

Oliver's nose wrinkled and he nodded. "Thanks," he said, before slipping out of the house and he sprinted towards Eaz Forest.

This was freedom. Their little house was on the edge of Bela Nombre, quiet and peaceful and undisturbed, and that meant he could run freely like this without fear of being discovered. He stuck to the edge of the thin cover of trees that separated Bela Nombre from the coast, and within minutes he'd spanned the two or three miles to the forest.

He only hoped no one was wandering those forests today, and that he would not stumble across some stray stranger while hunting. That would be disasterous. . .

AI: Robert Pattinson

Ross is currently an NPC, but could be 'adopted' by any member wishing to create a character. His name may be changed in this event. Please specify, when you send your profile for approval, if your character is taking Ross' place.
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Oliver Vandrose
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