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 New Bela Community College

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When Bela Nombre decided they needed a community alternative to large schools that were too expensive and too far away, they built New Bela Community College. With its modern exterior and wide array of courses to choose from -- as well as a selection of night classes and online courses -- NBCC is a nice alternative to schools like Washington State University.

The campass is spread out across a lush expanse sprinkled with pines and cedars; the college is made up of two large buildings, one housing the classrooms and the other housing the gymnasium. BNCC is home to the New Bela Wolverines, their school colors being teal and white.

The building is a modern piece of beauty, with a large all-glass front and four floors. The brick is light-colored, and the front window is a curved half-circle.

The rooms are all alike; the carpet is a commercial teal flecked with small orange, white, yellow, and green spots. The walls are all the same light tan, with one accent wall in each room painted to match one of the five colors of the carpet. Each room has at least two windows, which look out over the campass. From the top foyer, through the glass wall, one can see all of Bela Nombre, and the Eaz Forest, Tilicend Beach, and the ghostly gray seas beyond it.

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New Bela Community College
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