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 Keith Dkain

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Username: More than Music

Character's Name: Keith Dkain

Character's Age: 25

Occupation: Bela Nombre's Sheriff.

Appearance: A pale but handsome face, with a controlled thing that resembles a beard, and topped by mussed raven hair. His almost-colorless lips are usually frowning with suspicion or simply the unemotional expression he often dons. His eyes are purple, but it is unknown as to why they are that way. His clothes are almost always in dark colors, and he has a good and muscular form. He occasionally wears a leather jacket when it gets cold.

In dog-form, he looks like a larger coyote, with dark brown fur and his distinctive purple eyes.

Special Interests: Human ways. Nature. Animals. And fishing, when he gives himself time.

Brief Background: Keith grew up in an orphanage for much of his childhood after local law enforcement found him abandoned in his home at age 6. He barely remembers that time, but his high interest in the way of officers began when one of them Rob - took him out of the orphanage at age 12. As he went through highschool at Bela Nombre, he was made aware of the common problems in the lives of teenagers and adults with teenagers. An incident where a friend of his committed suicide when Keith was 15, fueled a change in him, and he was determined to save anyone else he could. Keith joined the Police Department when he was 20, and was just last year promoted to Sheriff. He's still figuring out his job, but he - luckily - is immune to the pressuring ways of the people around him.

Post As Character:

Keith Dkain

Keith jogged steadily through the emptiness of the woods around Bela Nombre. It was so quiet at this hour that he even sometimes wondered whether the world had come to an end and no one had told him. Sadly, no. The world still existed, and there were still hundreds and thousands of stupid people in the world that refused to really speak their mind. Keith didn't understand why they did that.

He still remembered the feeling of being abandoned. He couldn't remember why they had done it. Could it have been that they were scared? Of him, or of raising a child? Why would they be afraid of that? What was so frightening about him, or of bringing a small miracle of life into the world?

Sometimes, people could be so stupid. They were consumed with fitting in to the world of people who just want to fit in with them. What was the point of fitting in, when losing themselves was the price? For a man of deep though, it made Keith absolutely frustrated. He wasn't a remarkably smart man, and he wasn't a remarkably charismatic man. He didn't indulge his time in exercising to impress someone, but because he wished to be in shape well enough to do his job. Bela Nombre was a rather peaceful place, as far as crime went, but lately things had been more crazy. Mostly because of stupid disagreements and the stubborn minds of teenagers or parents that didn't want to back down, simply because they didn't want to be seen as the weak people that they were. People were weak. It was a fact.

Keith shook his head, stopping to breathe heavily. His violet eyes flickered about. He was alone... right?

'No... being alone is a state of mind. I am never physically alone. There is always something around me. Someone, something. I am alone in my mind, but I am never truly alone. Regretfully.'

AI: Hugh Jackman
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Keith Dkain
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