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 Ruby Gehringer

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Username: The Phantom of Paris

Character's Name: Ruby Marie Gehringer

Character's Age: 15

Year in School OR Occupation (if applicable): Sophomore

Appearance: Thick, rather wavy brown hair that tends to get unruly and frizzy. Brown eyes with long eyelashes. Taller, about 5'6". Ruby is usually found wearing "eccentric" clothing--long flowing skirts found at Goodwill or garage sales, corsets, blazers, and things she's made or improved on herself.

Special Interests (likes, dislikes, etc.): At school, Ruby is considered to be rather strange. Her 'odd' interests include knitting, costuming, Renaissance fairs, and people-watching. She always carries her Quote Book with her, where she captures memorable (whether that means profound, or just simply hilarious depends on the quote in question) quotes to re-live again and again. She also loves reading and watching movies. Quite the nerd, she loves Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean, and others.

Brief Background: Ruby used to live with her family in Holly, Michigan (home to the Holly Grove Renaissance Fair), but left at the age of twelve when her dad got a job at the Central Bela Hospital. The Gehringers have lived in Bela Nombre ever since. She misses Michigan terribly and hates her current situation, stuck in the rainy middle of nowhere. She is not popular at school by any means (and prefers it that way), but she still keeps in touch with her Michigan friends, and visits them at least once a year, during summer break.

The Gehringer family consists of Ruby, her dad, Dr. George Gehringer, who is an attending physician at Central Bela Hospital (they all hope that he will one day become the chief of medicine...), her mom, Molly, who works part-time at the library, and her sister, Christina, who is a freshman at Seattle University. Christina is quite homesick and comes home to Bela Nombre whenever she can.

Sample Post (two paragraph minimum):

Ruby Gehringer

Ruby shuddered as she stepped out of the warmth of her mom's car into the chilly air outside. Cool, fat drops of rain immediately soaked into her hair, guaranteeing it's frizziness for the rest of the day. She rolled her eyes and pulled her new blazer more tightly around her. She had just gotten it the day before at Goodwill and was quite proud of it. Simple, elegant, yet functional too.

Another day of mind-numbing monotony to look forward to! she thought sarcastically. Yay.

Despite the rain, the usual crowd was milling around the outside of Bela Nombre High School, waiting for friends to arrive. A few guys ran by, fighting over something and splashing through puddles. Ruby, right in the line of fire, got drenched before she could get out of the way. Muddy water soaked into her black skirt that she had only just finished 'improving' (her mom's term for it) the night before. The lace she had painstakingly sewn on the hem now dripped brownish water which flooded her shoes and socks. She groaned. "Thanks a lot!" she shouted.

She walked on, holding her knitted book bag over her head in a feeble attempt to keep out the rain. "Excuse me," she murmured as she neared a group of girls who were blocking the door.

One of them, a blonde, looked her up and down with distaste. "You look like a homeless Mary Poppins," she scoffed. Ruby looked down as well. Lacy Victorian skirt, black blazer with turquoise turtleneck underneath it, and a striped scarf wrapped around her neck. "Not quite what I was going for, but thanks for noticing!" she told the blonde with a smile. The girls moved, rolling thier eyes and whispering loudly to each other. Ruby curtsied to them and walked on, pulling her Quote Book and a pen from her bag as she entered the school building. "Homeless...Mary...Poppins..." she mumbled, writing down what the girl had said. "What will they think of next?"

Actor Image (AI): Emma Watson
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Ruby Gehringer
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