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 Marianne Williams [Melanie Spencer]

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PostSubject: Marianne Williams [Melanie Spencer]   Marianne Williams [Melanie Spencer] EmptyFri May 23, 2008 8:34 am

Username: Elda Forever

Character's Name: Marianne(Mary) Williams [Melanie Spencer]

Character's Age: 26

Year in School OR Occupation (if applicable): N/A

Appearance: Currently has wavy blonde hair that falls to her shoulders, and a beautifully carved face. Blue eyes that express her emotions like an open book.

Special Interests (likes, dislikes, etc.): Mary likes soft colors, long flowing dresses and casual walks by herself. She hates loud rock concerts(they give her headaches) and alchohol(her father was an alchoholic).

Brief Background: Mary grew up in Bela Nombre, but now she's barely remembered by anybody. In the last few years, she's become quite the hermitess. Because of her illness, people say.

Many years ago, Mary was in an terrible car accident with her husband. Three people died, including her husband. Mary was in the hospital for weeks, and refused to talk to anybody. Soon after, Mary began showing increasing signs of insanity, jabbering on about a girl named 'Melanie'. When she was finally released from the hospital, Mary went through strange periods where she acted like a completely different person and began causing problems, so Mary forced herself to move farther away from the inhabitants of Bela Nombre. She found herself unable to abandon the place entirely though, and settled into a tiny house outside of town, near Tilicend Beach. No one visits her there, and she talks to few people when she happens to wander into town.

Sample Post (two paragraph minimum):

Mary let out a long sigh as she looked out across the empty beach, closing her eyes and focusing on the calming sound of the waves sloshing against the shore. She was sitting delicately on the end of a large, rotting log that was often pulled around and used during bonfires and parties, her hands folded in her lap as she enjoyed the silence. When the children came up to play on the beach, the older ones bringing wild parties that lasted far into the night, Mary would have to stay almost constantly inside her modest little home, not daring to come out. It would be too tempting, she decided.

Tossing back a lock of her blonde hair over her shoulder, she looked up and down the empty shore. There was no one. Not a single soul. Another sigh escaped her as she looked longingly back at the woods. If only....

I'm so lonely...But I can't take the chance with Melanie...it's too dangerous and tempting for her...

Actor Image (AI): Cate Blanchett
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Marianne Williams [Melanie Spencer]
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