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 Dean DelCassidy

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Username: TheAudience

Character's Name: Dean DelCassidy

Character's Age: 19

Year in School:Freshman in college.

He has short hair that is spiked most times, eyes that are green mixed with gray and look a bit feminine. He has a slightly curved jaw and is built. Not muscular built but okay. He is averaged height which is about 5'10.

Special Interests (likes, dislikes, etc.):
Dean has a good sense of humor, but a very private person. He enjoys school and his favorite subjects is English and Mathematics. He's very intelligent, but in all of his classes, he's too quiet to show it. He likes to learn about things that are supernatural, anything that's out of the normal.

Brief Background:
Dean DelCassidy was born in a quiet town in another state. Dean doesn't like to talk about his past. He just moved to Bela hoping to start college soon. Dean's father left him when he was only fourteen and both his mother and brother died from an unknown cause. He is now moving on to a new life in Bela hoping his past with his brother doesn't catch up to him, but moving to Bela, it already is.

Sample Post (two paragraph minimum):

Dean DelCassidy

Entering the Bela Nombre Public Library, Dean is hoping to find some books to occupy his time. Just moving to Bela Nombre, he doesn't know much about the small town, but he's hoping it'll be his permanent home, once he finds a home that is.

Dean was amazed at the wide selections of books they had. Walking past aisles of bookshelves, he found comfort, knowing that he would be safe from everything, including what he was hiding from. As he walked past sections of the large library, he found a small table in the back closest to the window that was empty. No one was around him, so he took the table to himself.

Dean swung his bag from his shoulder into a chair and began to look for some books. He spent a lot of time looking for some books that he might be interested in and then he sat down quietly to begin reading. While he read, he got lost into the pages of the books and didn't notice anything that went on around him. He felt relaxed and felt his problems of settling in Bela Nombre fading away.

Actor Image (AI): Jensen Ackles
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Dean DelCassidy
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