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 Johanna Montgomery

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Username: Phantom of Sarcasm

Character's Name: Johanna Montgomery

Character's Age: 15

Year in School Sophomore

Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, pale, somewhat pretty.

Special Interests (likes, dislikes, etc.): Johanna has somewhat of a temper, and has to constantly fight herself to keep herself from getting involved in arguments. When she does get into one, though, she nearly always wins, and because of this she is very good in debate. She was on her school debate team back home and is looking forward to joining the team at Bela Nombre High School (or if there isn't one, starting one!) Her habit of hating to lose carries over into other activities such as sports and board games as well. Her favorite sport is tennis, and back in Belgium she won several tournaments with her high school team---she was captain. Johanna is an established singer (mezzo soprano, thank you very much). Despite all her accomplishments, Johanna is big on team work and does not like to brag.

Brief Background: Johanna is an exchange student from Brussels, Belgium. She is staying with a host family in Bela Nombre for the year. She enjoys America so far but misses her family, which consists of her father, who is a semi-famous author back in Belgium, her mother, who is an accountant, and her younger sister Georgiana, who is eleven years old.

Sample Post (two paragraph minimum):

Johanna Montgomery

As she sat on the plane to go to America, Johanna couldn't help but wonder what it was going to be like. Though she had known people who had gone to the same trip, they hadn't told her a lot about it. She was excited to see a new country, she was a bit anxious about meeting people, making friends and all that jazz. Johanna had a few good friends in Brussels, but she was terrible with first impressions with her temper and competitiveness.

Bela Nombre was the name of her destination. She had no information on the school there, though she hoped that it wasn't very large. In her old school, there hadn't been more than four hundred people in her entire high school, though she still felt that to be too big for her taste. Hopefully, Bela Nombre would be similar. Johanna hoped that there would be some sort of debate team. If there wasn't, she planned on starting one quite soon. At least I speak the same language, so if there is a debate team, there will not be a language barrier. Soon. Soon I'll know. Johanna looked out the window of the plane, as she anxiously awaited her arrival.

Actor Image (AI):
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Johanna Montgomery
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