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 Nathaniel "Nate" Grant

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PostSubject: Nathaniel "Nate" Grant   Nathaniel "Nate" Grant EmptyFri Jul 11, 2008 6:03 am

Username: humptydumpty

Character's Name: Nathaniel "Nate" Grant

Character's Age: 17

Year in School OR Occupation (if applicable): Senior

Appearance: Very handsome - light brown hair; blue eyes; tall (about 6 feet); dresses like a boarding school boy - cashmere sweaters, pants, shirts, etc.

Special Interests (likes, dislikes, etc.): He's a ladies' man, mostly because of his good looks and charm. Because he's really, really charming when he wants to be, which is most of the time. When he decides that he wants something, whether its a girl or a grade or anything, he'll stop at nothing to get it, but, of course, he'll do it the easiest way possible. He's into the whole, popular game - he feels that the pros outweigh the cons.

Brief Background: Nate's parents have lived in Bela Nombre for quite a while. They lived in Washington, DC until Nate was in sixth grade, when his parents moved to Bela Nombre and he went to boarding school. His parents have finally decided to make him move to Bela Nombre to live with them.

Sample Post (two paragraph minimum):

Nathaniel "Nate" Grant

He watched the smoke from his cigarette dissolve into wisps, which eventually dissolved into nothing. Well, not nothing. The smoke was still there, even though you couldn't see it. Wow, I'm poetic today, he thought with a smile, stubbing his cigarette out on his expensive Italian leather shoes - if his mother were there, she'd probably cry or something. Not only was her precious Natey smoking and, on top of that, he was risking ruining his new shoes!

Not that he cared. He'd been smoking and ruining his shoes by stubbing his cigarette out on them for a couple of years now, and it had never been a problem. But that was in boarding school, where the teachers didn't give a sh*t about what you did outside of class, and where parents were far, far away. And now his parents were uncomfortably close; he was used to having to tell people where he was going and who he was going to be with at all times - it was a requirement at boarding school - but he wasn't used to people grilling him for details about the people he was going with and things like that. It was...unpleasant.

He lit up again. At least there'd be some new girls to meet. He was getting tired of the girls at his boarding school, anyway...

Actor Image (AI): Chace Crawford

Nathaniel "Nate" Grant Ollieban
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Nathaniel "Nate" Grant
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