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 Heather Fitzgerald

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Username: humptydumpty

Character's Name: Heather Fitzgerald

Character's Age:

Year in School: Senior

Appearance: That stereotypical beachy, Californian beauty (only she's from Texas): blonde hair, fabulous tan, blue eyes, tall, thin, etc.

Special Interests (likes, dislikes, etc.): Heather is not very academic - in her mind, since she already has a trust fund, she technically doesn't have to work at all, and, even if she does work, she wants to be a movie star or a model, so math and stuff wouldn't do her much good. She's very flirtatious, but sort of fickle when it comes to guys and fears commitment. She's very loyal with her friends, though. Heather is generally quite nice and bubbly and funny but she can be very bitchy, especially when her friends are being insulted or treated unfairly. She's very dramatic, which shows in the respect that she's good at acting. She's also good at dancing. She's not too great at singing, though.

Brief Background: She's very rich and very spoiled. Everything has been handed to her on a silver platter. Her parents coddle her. She goes yearly to a very expensive tennis camp, where she has developed a friendship with Blair Vanderbilt. Heather is originally from Texas.

Sample Post (two paragraph minimum):

Heather Fitzgerald

Heather tucked a lock of hair behind her ear as she unpacked her things. She was glad she at least had a friend here, who was the most popular girl in school, no less - Blair Vanderbilt. They'd met at tennis camp years ago and had developed a friendship. Heather thought that Blair told her things - in person when they were at camp, and by email and phone during the rest of the year - because she knew that Heather couldn't tell anyone at school. But now she could - not that she would. Blair was too good of a friend.

For instance, she knew that Blair would like nothing more than to just escape Bela Nombre and go someplace where no one knew her. She knew how hard it was for her when her father left. And she knew about the Oliver guy Blair was currently obsessing over. She wondered if he knew how much she was hurting inside. She doubted it. Blair had told her that she'd told him a lot of things, mostly by accident, but that she never really went into detail. And if she were him and she knew that Blair was hurting so much and it was partially because of her, she would give Blair all the love she needed to make her better.

Well, now that she was here, maybe she could help a little. Heather doubted that her being there for her would mean as much as Oliver being there for her, but she could do what she could. And Blair had told her about that Nate guy who sounded really great; maybe Blair would forget about Oliver and fall for him instead. And then she'd get that Audrey Hepburn happy ending that she'd always wanted.

It could happen, right?

Actor Image (AI): Hayden Panatierre
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Heather Fitzgerald
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