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 Romy's Cafe

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PostSubject: Romy's Cafe   Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:16 am

A few blocks away from the library lies Romy's Cafe, a popular hangout for Bela Nombre's youth and adults alike. Started by native Bela Nombre resident Romy Mitchell in 1995, it soon became a hit in the small town and has remained so ever since. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful and the food good, and on any given day you can see the tables and booths filled with neighbors, friends, and students (due to it's proximity to both the library and the college, it's a popular study spot among the Bela Nombre teens) chatting and catching up over cups of coffee or tea.

Once you enter the glass door of Romy's, which is decorated with a painted-on logo of a steaming coffee cup, you'll see the counter at which you place your order, and a clear glass case containing visual examples of the various sweet and savory treats one can purchase there. At any given time three cashiers are awaiting to take your order. The menu, containing a wide variety of coffees, teas, sodas, sandwiches, bagels, and muffins, hangs on the wall directly behind the counter. The specials of the day are written in colorful chalk on the blackboard and change daily. The counter itself is long and black and filled with whatever you might need--napkins, straws, forks--and is always kept immaculately clean.

The walls of Romy's are painted a calming sage green, and the upholstery on the chairs and booths is burgundy. On the same wall as the door, right in front of the large glass window, is another counter similar to the one in the front, with five tall chairs in front of it. This counter, as well as the burgundy couch in the back of the coffee shop, is the most coveted spot in the cafe. The other tables and booths are scattered around the cafe, providing ample seating. Romy's is equipped with a fairly decent Wi-Fi connection as well, so it's not uncommon to see a laptop or two open on the tables, their owners tapping away at the keys as they sip their cups of chai.

In the back of the cafe, on the left side of the main counter, is what Romy calls the 'reading nook'. It contains the much sought-after burgundy couch, in front of which is a long class coffee table. On either side of the couch are matching plush armchairs, and facing them are two sturdy rocking chairs. One can enter the cafe to find the reading nook filled with laughing teenagers one evening and a book club full of mothers clutching paperbacks the next. Behind the couch is one of the highlights of Romy's--the chalkboard. On it, patrons of the cafe can write or draw anything they wish--be it a mural, an inspirational phrase, a funny quote from friends, anything. Whatever is on the board stays up until it becomes to full to add anymore pearls of wisdom, and then it is erased by one of the employees so it can be filled again.

Romy's Cafe has ten to fifteen employees on staff, some full-time, some part-time, and are always willing to accept job applications from Bela Nombre teens looking for a job. You will almost always see Romy bustling around the cafe, doing some kind of work--whether it be cashier duty or cleaning or what have you--and most likely some of the other 'regulars'--Romy's sister Lorraine, her husband Brian, their daughter Marnie, Rosannah, Elliot, and Pierce. All of the employees are cheerful and eager to help, and all strive to maintain the unique ambiance found at Romy's Cafe.

The people of Bela Nombre come to Romy's Cafe for a variety of reasons: to study, to relax, to grab a quick lunch, to re-caffeinate, to read, to surf the Web, and to gossip. That's why it's always interesting to people-watch when you're in Romy's. Listen in on a conversation or two...you never know what you might hear.

All employees of Romy's Cafe are NPC's.


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PostSubject: Re: Romy's Cafe   Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:45 am

Blair Vanderbilt

Blair had taken almost three hours to get ready for tonight: one to condition each soft, dark curl so that her hair bounced and glistened under her red headband; one to dress in a supremely pretty (but sensible and sober) Marc Jacob's dress with a grey capelet, beautifully crafted lace stockings, and a pair of heels for extra confidence and height; and one to apply natural-looking makeup for the fresh, healthy glow of someone who always got ten hours of sleep because she never went out and never went near a cigarette or cocktail (as if).

The reason she had spent so much time dressing up for tonight was because she was about to meet a colleague of her father's who had also attended Yale University, Anthony Rhodes. Apparently he was an extremely important alumni and gave lots of money to the school every year. Thus, Blair had to look and act in a manner that was beyond reproach during this meeting, and any meetings that were to come.

She had arrived forty minutes early, and had been having Coke after Coke after Coke and been to the bathroom twice already. What she really wanted was a shot of Stoli, but she was afraid Anthony Rhodes would arrive just as she was downing the shot and pronounce her to be 'not Yale material' and tell the Dean to revoke her acceptance. That would be just her luck.
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PostSubject: Re: Romy's Cafe   Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:00 am

Anthony Rhodes

Anthony Rhodes had been in the bar for an hour already, drinking his own fine vintage scotch, since he had doubted that this place would have anything that would live up to his exacting standards. He had felt like spending some time getting to know the inhabitants of Bela Nombre, but everyone looked and acted like the members of a hick town nobody had ever heard about.

Except for that girl in a table for two next to him. She had been here almost as long as he had, drinking Cokes. Even though it was kind of pathetic to sit there alone, she had classic good looks and was wearing expensive, pretty clothes. But she was a teenager and so he hadn't bothered to strike up a conversation with her, even though part of him wanted to, because she was very, very hot, despite, or maybe because of, the prim air she carried herself with.

It suddenly occurred to him that she might be the girl he was waiting for, who was the very rich daughter of an even more rich Yale alumni he had worked with in the past. He hadn't expected her to be early as well, so he hadn't entertained that notion before, but it seemed rather likely now. He could even see a little bit of the family resemblance around her large, almond-shaped eyes and high cheekbones.

Anthony turned around in his chair, straightening the jacket of his impeccably tailored, navy blue suit, which he had worn a crisp, white dress shirt and grey tie with. "Hello. Are you Blair Vanderbilt, by any chance?" he said. "I'm Anthony Rhodes."
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PostSubject: Re: Romy's Cafe   Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:16 am

Blair Vanderbilt

Blair was just wondering whether Anthony Rhodes, her father's colleague, was going to stand her up, when a man near her in a beautiful navy blue suit swiveled around in his chair, turning toward her. Blair normally never noticed older men, but this one was so handsome that she couldn't help it. He had dark eyes and dark hair and an incredibly sexy smile. Also, the white dress shirt he was wearing set off his complexion and made him look even more scrumptious. "Hello," he said. "Are you Blair Vanderbilt, by any chance?"

"Yes," she said, twisting her ruby ring around the middle finger of her right hand self-consciously. Even though this man was much older than her, he was undeniably dashing, and the inherent need to impress, combined with that fact and her nervousness for her meeting with her father's colleague, made her stomach twist itself into knots.

"I'm Anthony Rhodes," he said.

It was all Blair could do not to fall off her chair and gasp. She could scarcely believe it: because, one, Anthony was supposed to be wearing his Yale tie, and two, he wasn't supposed to be hot. As he was a friend of her father's, he was supposed to be old, balding and ugly. Not that her father was, but he was gay.

Blair hastily pulled herself together. She had to act perfect, even though Anthony was anything but what she had expected. "It's very nice to make your acquaintance," she said, trying to keep any note of anything that would imply how attractive she found him, or how nervous she was, out of her voice. She was well-educated, cultured, well-bred and rich. It wasn't very hard. "Thank you for taking the time to meet me."
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PostSubject: Re: Romy's Cafe   

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Romy's Cafe
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