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 Anthony Rhodes

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Username: *usernamegoeshere*

Character's Name: Anthony Rhodes

Character's Age: 31

Year in School OR Occupation (if applicable): Yale Alumni/Lawyer

Appearance: Good looking, with a shabby elegance that characterizes old money. He has blue eyes, black hair, and is 6'2''. He has fair skin that contrasts with his black hair and sometimes has "scruff", like he's forgotten to shave, which he very often has, but it adds to his aristocratic appearance. He often wears suits, simple, but elegant, overall, he gives off the impression of effortless good looks.

Special Interests (likes, dislikes, etc.): He is very rich and likes to indulge in high class scotch, and cars. He enjoys collecting antique cars and showcasing them. He's a bachelor and a bit of a playboy. His guilty pleasure is gambling. However, he maintains a successful career, and a flawless public image.

Brief Background: He was born to a rich, influential, upper class family. He has excelled in all academic and career based fields, and is extremely rich, and influential, much like his parents before him. He graduated from Yale and continues to donate money to the school

Sample Post (two paragraph minimum):

Anthony Rhodes

Anthony stepped out of his seventies Corvette in British racing green and slammed the door behind him. The cool air that hit him as soon as he had opened the door reminded him of his days as a Yalie. He smiled at the memory – those were the good old days. He had been the leader of his fraternity. In fact, he still had his old football jersey and varsity jacket and a couple of Yale sweatshirts and his fraternity ring. It was a little sentimental of him, but he figured that, if he ever settled down, he might want to pass that stuff down to his kids. Not everyone’s fathers went to Yale, after all.

He was pretty sure that none of the kids in this towns’ parents ever had gone to Yale. This place was completely in the middle of nowhere, which was one of its initial attractions. Quaint. Nondescript. At first he was just driving through, but when he saw a nice little home for sale, he bought it on impulse, and now it was a habit to visit it for about a couple of weeks per year. After all, he had to make sure that it was still there.

Actor Image (AI): Desmond Harrington

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Anthony Rhodes
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