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 Site Changes & Rennovations - 12/28/08

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Site Changes & Rennovations - 12/28/08 Empty
PostSubject: Site Changes & Rennovations - 12/28/08   Site Changes & Rennovations - 12/28/08 EmptyMon Dec 29, 2008 5:46 am

Hey guys,

The site has slowly been getting back on track with posting and interactions making a comeback, but I always like refreshing things. I'll be slowly changing the site little by little to add some things here and there and tweak stuff all over. Some of the changes I had in mind include:

-A Bela Nombre playlist, which members may contribute songs to if desired

-A new home page which will give guests an idea of what our site is all about (now seen above the forum, below the header, whenever someone reaches the main page)

-New modules which will allow members to get quick updates about the site and it's happenings

Eventually I'd like to add pages to the forum on which we can create extensive Character profiles for the existing townmembers, so that members can provide in-depth information about their characters.

Something else I plan on looking into is attaining some affliates to help promote the site and perhaps attract some more users. We have a great cast already but new members and characters are always welcome, no?

These changes, as I've said, will come little by little. I'm still trying to sort out all my options and learn how to master the HTML codes required to make these changes.

If any one with good HTML/webdesign skills would like to help the cause and help me out with rennovating the site by providing advice, lessons, and aid, please send me a PM or reply here. I'll be relying on whoever volunteers to help make the changes to the site look great as well as be fully functional.

In the mean time, consider the site under construction yet functional. Continue roleplay interactions freely as the forum itself will not be undergoing any changes.



Site Changes & Rennovations - 12/28/08 Ollieban
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Site Changes & Rennovations - 12/28/08
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